Joe Lifrieri

Product Designer


2016–2017: Product design lead for Primary Navigation

Lead designer for Facebook's primary navigation. Responsible for problem framing, systems design, and information architecture. Key deliverables were product strategy briefs, proposals, presentations to stakeholders throughout the company, and audits of internal and external navigation systems.

2015–2016: Product design lead for Desktop Interfaces

Lead designer for the team responsible for the look and feel of Facebook's desktop site. Responsible for framing the problem for my team and rallying everyone around a solution. Primary deliverables were product strategy briefs, proposals, and presentations. Also planned team's design and research work for the year, audited existing and proposed design systems, and planned and hosted cross-company workshops to facilitate collaboration.

2014–2015: Product Designer on Videos Team

Responsible for the redesign of various playback interfaces for the Facebook Videos product. Some of my main contributions were the design and launch of Facebook's first ever embedded video player, the redesign of all playback interfaces for web, and the design and launch of 360 degree video in news feed on all interfaces.


Senior web designer, 2012–2014

Design and front-end development on multiple high-exposure assets, including Vimeo’s video player, logged-out homepage, onboarding experience, and careers page.


Rowan University

B.A. in English literature, Summa Cum Laude, 2004–2008



Authoring product briefs, auditing internal and external design systems, documenting systems and flows, risk analysis, and extensive experience with shipping a minimum-viable product in order to facilitate faster iteration.


Systems design, authoring design documentation, responsive design, mobile design, UI design, UI animation. Thorough understanding of best practices for desktop and mobile design.


HTML, CSS, and JS and experience with popular frameworks for each including SASS, Compass, HAML, jQuery, Origami, and Framer. Experience with SVN and Git. Extensive experience with prototyping.