Joe Lifrieri

Product Designer


I am a product designer based out of New York City. I've spent the last decade solving user experience, interaction design, visual design, and information architecture problems at places like Facebook and Vimeo. Some of my favorite projects include redesigning the Vimeo video player, designing the first widely implemented desktop grid at Facebook, and redesigning Facebook’s bookmarks system.


  1. Framing ambiguous problems and creating actionable strategies for solving them
  2. Creating elegant systems for organizing complex products like Facebook
  3. Analyzing research and data in order to make informed design decisions
  4. Using visual design and prototyping to demonstrate my ideas
  5. Public speaking and framing a narrative around a product


2016–2017: Product design lead for Primary Navigation

Lead designer for Facebook's primary navigation. Responsible for problem framing, systems design, and information architecture.

2015–2016: Product design lead for Desktop Interfaces

Lead designer for the team responsible for the design language of Facebook's desktop site.

2014–2015: Product Designer on Videos Team

Responsible for the redesign of various playback interfaces for the Facebook Videos product.


Senior web designer, 2012–2014

Design and front-end development on multiple high-exposure assets, including Vimeo’s video player, logged-out homepage, onboarding experience, and careers page.


Rowan University

B.A. in English literature, Summa Cum Laude, 2004–2008