Gucci Mobile

Product design and prototyping, 2012

One of my last projects at Huge was to help create a mobile shopping experience for Gucci. I’d done a lot of ecommerce work before, but never on this scale. This was also my first project for a fashion client that sold more than band tee-shirts.

My role was to wireframe our concept, design interactions, and create a prototype in HTML, CSS, and javascript to demo for the client. The visual design was handled by two of Huge’s immensely talented visual designers, along with an art director.

One of the big challenges of the project was working within Gucci’s existing content-management system. We wouldn’d be allowed to write any code for the backend or change the way the site was structured. We could only sparingly change the front-end HTML views, but could do whatever we needed to with the CSS and javascript to make it work. Given these limitations, I’m quite proud of the work we did.

The iPhone version doesn’t contain many surprises: just a scaled down, glitzy shopping experience.