Vimeo: Careers Page


In early 2013, I was approached by the head of recruiting and HR at Vimeo and asked to redesign the existing jobs page. There wasn’t much design direction, but I was given a page of important facts and sections to include. Much like the Video Player page, this was mostly an exercise in visual design.

My involvement

I was the lead designer for the project. I was responsible for all visual design and iconography.

Since I’m often asked: no, I didn’t illustrate the beautiful, Miyazaki-esque Vimeo forest that adorns many pages throughout Vimeo. It was done by the very talented Ian Higginbotham.
To get people to work at Vimeo, it made sense to show them people that love working at Vimeo.


When designing something like a career page, which doesn’t have a lot of obvious visual design “hooks”, sometimes you just need a gimmick. For this project, I used hexagons. It led to some really fun arrangements of content and cool animations. I also think hexagons were really in vogue that year. Go figure.

A photographer came by the Vimeo office in December of 2012 to shoot some photos while the staff recorded our annual holiday video. Having a huge array of beautiful photos made the job of designing this page much easier.
More drippy gradients, more hexagons, more Futura. I even got to draw a little.