Vimeo: Player Page


After finishing the redesign of Vimeo’s video player, we decided the occassion deserved a little pomp and fanfare. I designed a flashy, fun marketing page to commemorate the release. I don’t get to do much pure visual design, so this was incredibly fun.

My involvement

I designed the page and prototyped many of the animations.

Project results

The page won an FWA, a prestigious design award, that led to increased visibility for the project and myself.


The goal of the page was to advertise the new features and technical improvements to the player. I gathered feedback from the team regarding what aspects were most important to capture within the page. Closed captions, HD playback, new sharing options, and customizable UI were all considered to be the biggest accomplishments of the new player. I incorporated information on each feature into the page’s various sections.

In defense of visual design

Admittedly, I haven’t always been the biggest advocate for visual design. I often cite Facebook and Craigslist as examples of wildly successful products that put little stock in the efficacy of visual design. However, there’s something to be said for creating something that is simultaneously beautiful and informative. It’s a completely different challenge than designing interactions. Designing this page pushed a seldom-used skillset for me to new limits.

In order to emphasize just how customizable Vimeo’s player is, I came up with the idea for a click-and-drag slider that removes UI from a real embedded Vimeo player using the API.


The page won our team Vimeo’s first FWA, a prestigious design award. I conducted a short interview with FWA which you can still find on their site.